ClassWeb was designed to let instructors easily create and control class websites. We learned a lot. We made a lot of mistakes. Think of this open source distribution as a "full-disclosure" of how we did what we did. To make use of it, you will have to create your own database and alter our templates to fit your needs.   Where it's possible to use only certain modules on their own, we make note of that on the Download page. ClassWeb is freely distributed under the GNU Public License.

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  • 06-15-05 Taking down demo for security reasons.
  • 02-12-04 Restored functionality of ClassWeb demo site and verified integrity of ClassWeb distribution files.
  • 09-26-02 Released ClassWeb 2.03 here, SourceForge, and Freshmeat.
  • 09-18-02 Created a public Wiki site to support the development of new language files for Multilingual ClassWeb 2.03.
  • 09-09-02 UCLA WebDesign Team added Multilingual support to be released as ClassWeb 2.03 in October.
  • 07-30-02 ClassWeb Open Source site back online after going down for an upgrade to Redhat 7.3.
  • 06-23-01 ClassWeb 2.02 update added to SourceForge by Emmanuel Florent. Added new Filemanager as well as XML-based Survey Tool.
  • 3-15-01 ClassWeb Demo Sites were inadvertently down since 3-13 17:02 when we made a rights change.
  • 3-5-01 ClassWeb 2.0 update added to SourceForge by Glen Stewart. Among other things, it lets you add your own classes, instructors and students.
  • 10-30-00 Experimenting with PHPlib caused a conflict where none of the Discussion Boards would come up. That has been fixed by commenting out the auto_prepend_file directive in php3.ini.
  • 09-09-00 Discussion Forums located at Sourceforge. SourceForge Logo
  • 09-06-00 Applied to make ClassWeb a project on Will hear within 24 hours.
  • 09-06-00 Debugging mostly done. ClassWeb 1.0 released to find its own way in the world so we can get on with our lives.


    As ClassWeb news items accumulate, we will archive them on this site...

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Last updated on June 15, 2005

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